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matt poston.

I am a father to two crazy and curious boys, husband to one wonderful woman, the proud owner of a lazy 95-pound dog and an unabashed nerd. In my spare time I'm a voracious reader, avid hiker, novice woodworker, occasional video game addict and lapsed home-brewer.

My purpose in life is continual self-improvement. Today better than yesterday, but not quite as good as tomorrow.

Professionally, I consult with customers on their digital marketing initiatives through my role as a Principal Success Manager at Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I enjoy working in the nexus of data and human connectedness to help customers understand their customers, and reach out to them with the appropriate message in their customer journey.

I also like learning new coding languages, and from time to time post projects as I learn new things.

Welcome to my online home. Feel free to peruse the links to my social presence below. And if you want to learn more or connect, feel free to do so.

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